Open Pores

Open Pores

Open pores refer to a skin condition in which the pores of the skin become visible to the naked eye. They occur naturally on the surface of the skin. However, the large pores on the face might create a down feeling in people and affect their overall look.

Open pores on the facial skin reflect rays of light irregularly, creating a tiring and dull look. Treating open pores is important to get back a refreshing and youthful look.

It is a natural desire to get rid of open pores as they give a dull, irregular, and aged look, making you appear much older than you actually are. At Luxury Aesthetics Centre, top skin care centre in New Delhi, Panchsheel, South Delhi (India), we bring you the best treatment procedures for getting rid of open pores. We recommend the best treatment method depending on the skin condition and severity of the pores.

Open pores Treatment at Luxury Aesthetics Centre

Derma Pen World 4

Derma Pen World 4 is an advanced, market-leading device for professional microneedling. It can help treat open pores by creating millions of micro-injuries in the... Read More

ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™

ClearLift™ & ClearSkin™ are two non-ablative lasers that can be used in combination for the treatment of open pores. These work by delivering thermal... Read More

Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial is an innovative laser peel treatment used to resurface the facial skin. It can help gently exfoliate the skin of the face to reduce the open pores... Read More


Meso-BTX is a combination cosmetic procedure wherein mesotherapy ingredients and a small amount of diluted Botulinum toxin are injected into the deeper levels of the skin with the help of a microneedle. 

What are the Causes of Open Pores?

Open pores occur when sebaceous glands start secreting excessive oil from them. Glands that secrete oil on the face are called sebaceous glands. They are located on the side of the hair follicles, so the opening of these glands or pilosebaceous unit appears like open pores. They appear on the side of the cheeks and the nose. Several causes trigger this skin condition. 

Some of the common causes of open pores are:

  • Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep cycle
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Allergy
  • Excessive use of cosmetic products
  • Stress
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Oily skin
  • Highly sensitive skin
  • Pollution
  • Over exfoliation

Who is the Right Candidate for Open pores Treatment?

Those who have the following conditions are eligible for the open pores​ treatment:

  • If you have open pores resembling craters
  • Acne complexities on the face
  • If you have oily skin
  • If the texture and skin are dull and tired, the shine is lost because of dead cells.
  • If you are having a problem with blackheads complexities.

One can consult the experts at Luxury Aesthetics Centre to discuss open pores​ treatment options in Delhi and how they can achieve smothering skin.

What are the benefits of Open pores Treatment?

  • Not too much discomfort and pain
  • Boosts production of collagen providing firm, tighter, and plumper skin. It also helps in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines
  • No allergies
  • It cleanses the face by flushing out absorbed particles and eliminating carbon particles
  • Get instant results right from the day of the treatment
  • It also controls the complexities of oily skin and treats acne too
  • It exfoliates the skin as it reduces the size of pores, giving a radiant and refreshing appearance and removing dead skin cells.
Open pores

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Required for Treating Open pores?

The total number of sessions needed varies from patient to patient. Usually, four to six sessions are required to treat open pores. To get the best results, adhere to the instructions given by the doctor. Also, inform the doctor about any pre-existing health condition, allergy to the medicine, or application of cosmetic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the home remedies for open pores?

Some of the natural remedies that can be effective for treating open pores at home are:

  • Gram flour
  • Fuller’s Earth (Multani mitti)
  • Colloidal oats or oats pack
  • Aloe Vera
  • Egg white
  • Turmeric
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tomato
  • Brown Sugar
  • Baking Soda.

What is the cost of open pores treatment?

Many factors decide the cost of open pores treatment. These include:

  • The severity of the open pores condition
  • Type of the procedure used to treat open pores
  • Number of treatments required
  • The geographical location of the client
  • The chosen clinic and the doctor fee
  • The technology used
  • Cost of prescribed medications or creams.

Is micro-needling effective for open pores?

Yes. Microneedling is a versatile solution to a wide range of skin issues, including open pores. It is a collagen-induction technique that stimulates new collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin to help reduce pore size.

Why do open pores need to be treated?

Open pores are not a harmful skin condition but rather a cosmetic concern. People having open pores want to get rid of them because of their odd appearance. Open pores can change the skin's look- just like an orange peel skin. Some people consider open pores to be one of the signs of ageing.

For teenagers or adults who have acne-prone skin, open pores may become plugged and turn into blackheads and whiteheads. Thankfully, open pores treatments can help minimise the appearance of open pores on the face and improve facial aesthetics. 

What are the benefits of using lasers for open pore treatment?

Laser skin resurfacing has shown immense popularity for the permanent tightening of open pores. The laser treatment can especially work best for open pores caused by natural ageing. That’s because lasers work by encouraging fresh collagen and elastin production that restores skin’s firmness and elasticity. The use of non-ablative lasers can avoid damage to the skin surface and extensive downtime. There are varieties of lasers that can help improve open pores. Among them, the most sought-after is the Fractional laser, which boosts collagen production in the skin.

Can open pores increase in size with advancing age?

Yes. As one gets older, the skin loses its elasticity, and so the enlarged pores become more evident. 

How can I minimise open pores on my skin?

Following a proper skincare routine can help you minimise the appearance of open pores on your skin. To take care of your skin, you must:

  • Wash face with lukewarm water twice a day
  • Daily apply sunscreens
  • Use gentle cleansers
  • Regularly exfoliate the skin
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Take proper sleep and rest
  • Be committed to following a healthy diet plan
  • Use skin care products labelled as oil-free or non-comedogenic.

Does steaming really work to improve the appearance of open pores?

This is a myth. No scientific evidence shows that steaming the face could help reduce facial pores size. However, steaming can help extract extra sebum from the clogged pores and help easily remove blackheads. 
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