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Welcome to the Luxury Aesthetics Centre. We are one of the leading skin and aesthetic centre in India, conveniently located in various locations in Delhi/NCR region like New Delhi, Panchsheel Park, South Delhi offering world-class treatments by top aestheticians. Our mindset is to always keep our client’s needs as a top priority and to encourage an unhurried, result-oriented approach. We ensure that all our client’s skin needs are sorted out with a customised treatment plan to give optimal results.

Our highly recognized skin, aesthetic, and plastic surgery centre offers a wide range of general and cosmetic skin and hair care services to patients having all kinds of aesthetic and generic skin and hair issues. We are staffed by highly accredited skincare professionals in Delhi, India with the clinical expertise to safely and effectively treat our patient’s conditions. We take pride in having thousands of patients travelling from far places to visit our centre and get started with their healthy, beautiful skin journey.

In recent years, Delhi has become a popular city for getting the cosmetic treatment done. Be it invasive or non-invasive procedures, we deliver you the best.

Premium Skin Care Centre in Delhi, India

Skin Care Centre

Luxury Aesthetics Centre is highly appreciated as a premium skin and hair care aesthetic centre. Here, we offer medical-grade skincare, aesthetic treatments, and state-of-the-art laser treatments within a registered facility.

Whether one is experiencing a medical skin condition that needs proper diagnosis and treatment, or one wants to simply look the best, our experts can help one achieve the best outcome. We have expert skin specialists, skin doctors, and a medically-trained team of professionals who have been treating varieties of skin issues with real solutions, for decades, for natural results. Our expert skin specialists and aestheticians in Delhi are driven by providing the best care to an individual based on their unique needs.

Our featured minimally invasive cosmetic procedures guarantee flawless skin, and a natural look to enjoy self-confidence. We help you achieve the look that ensures you feel confident on the inside and fantastic on the outside. Our bespoke treatment options are designed and customized just for you.

We take care of you in every step in your aesthetic journey that aims to enhance your characteristics or if you want to reverse the visible signs of aging. Our experts conduct an individualized assessment that enables a tailored treatment plan to meet your desires.

As a skin and aesthetic centre for all sexes and age groups, we tackle the full spectrum of skin conditions and cosmetic issues. We perform minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to enhance our client’s skin appearance and even advanced surgeries to offer the incredible transformation. We aim to best treat different aesthetic skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, creepy skin, stretch marks, skin tags, acne scars, pigmentation issues, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone and texture, dry skin, and others. We help you look the best with all types of cosmetic surgical procedures like Butt lift, hair transplantation and many more. Our featured minimally invasive cosmetic procedures guarantee flawless skin, and a 100% real look to enjoy self-confidence.

At the Luxury Aesthetics Centre, we care. We take charge of our client’s safety, confidentiality, skin & body complexities, and lifestyle. We provide unparalleled treatments in terms of our client’s comfort. Many people choose us for our top quality, quick services and premium customised treatments and products backed with evidence-based scientific approaches.

Based on our findings and assessments, we develop a bespoke skincare plan for our clients. This includes an individualised daily skincare routine at home. We want all our clients to feel amazing in their skin, have boosted confidence, and get nurtured happiness and healthy skin inside out.

Cost-efficient Quality Care
Cost-efficient Quality Care
 Cutting Edge Technologies
Cutting Edge Technologies
 Experienced Team
Experienced Team
Advanced Skin Concerns
Advanced Skin Concerns, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery treatments
COVID 19 Guidelines
Follows all COVID 19 Guidelines
Client Satisfaction
100% Client Satisfaction
Deliver the Transformation
We Deliver the Transformation

At the Luxury Aesthetics Centre, we understand the fact that improving skin health and body appearance can change lives. Here we take each of our client’s stories seriously. We have professionally accredited aesthetic practitioners, doctors, and trained nurses that ask questions and then provide appropriate treatments that suit our client’s concerns. We look beyond our client’s current condition at any other contributing factors, to then suggest the best-personalised approach to achieve healthy, appealing results.

Aesthetic treatments are an indispensable part of our services. We offer a range of advanced aesthetic procedures at affordable prices in our highly equipped centre. We help clients transform their looks with the use of cutting-edge technologies like LASER, HIFU, Ultherapy, and CoolSculpting. Apart from complexion, we also boost the confidence and esteem of our clients. Beyond medical intervention, we attempt to inspire self-assurance. When our client’s ageing concerns come to an end, we enhance their skin experience with the real facts, to keep them informed.

Most people fail to maintain their desired skin appearance. It is extremely important to have a good quality skincare routine, yet many products fail to deliver it. At Luxury Aesthetics Centre, a top skin and hair centre in Delhi, India, we help our clients change the future of their skin by finding out the best skincare products for them that work and are best for their skin type.

If you wish to look and feel good in your skin and confident with your body shape, get in Touch with the Luxury Aesthetics Centre experts team, today

Luxurious Infrastructure
World class Luxurious Infrastructure
US FDA approved Technologies
World best and US FDA approved Technologies
Qualified Experts
Experienced and Qualified Experts
Best Results at affordable Cost
Best Results at affordable Cost
Open all 7 days a week
Open all 7 days a week
  • I had such a great experience here! From the fabulous dr to the friendly staff, ambience and treatments. Me and my sisters got the hydra facial and recently I did my first session of HiFU and couldn’t be happier. Have been looking for a skin clinic in Delhi for so long and so happy I found my go to now! Have already raved about them to friends and family 😆 if you’re thinking about visiting look no further and make your way there! You won’t be disappointed. Thankyou luxury aesthetics team for making us feel at home there!

    Sonam Ripa
  • I came to luxury asthetics for my skin tightening treatments and body contouring. And I personally believe that Dr Rakhi gives you the best suitable treatments for your concerns. All the therapists were well behaved and the staff was cooperative too . Results are superbly amazing . I surely recommend you all to visit there for any of your skin body and hair related concerns

    Shweta Sharma
  • I come to luxury aesthetic for skin treatment and I am very happy with my treatment doctor is really nice and ushma is also good and cooperative and very polite and her service is good 😊 It was a great experience with luxury aesthetic i would definitely recommend

    Aniya Shigh
  • Friendly environment and people, had a good experience with laser hair reduction, will recommend.

    Prisha Jain
  • Good Doctor and Services. the over call counsellor also provided perfect guidance and explained the service well.We visited for 4 sessions and it was a wonderful experience.

    Yash Mundra
  • I’m very happy with my service it was great to have this clinic thank u so much guys

    Rupali Gambhir
  • I have been taking Hydrafacial from them & I'm observing difference in my skin, and they've got a very cooperative staff which makes it an excellent experience overall.

    Shobha Lulla
  • Introducing- Luxury Aesthetics Center
  • HIFU
  • Cool Sculpting

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