Double Chin Reduction

Double Chin Reduction

The buildup of extra fat beneath the chin, often referred to as submental fat, causes a less defined jawline and is referred to as a double chin. For many people, it may be a cause of self-consciousness. Double chin reduction procedures aim to solve this issue and restore a more sculpted profile. Our knowledgeable specialists at Luxury Aesthetics Centre are familiar with the subtleties of double chin removal. We help redefine your jawline and regain your confidence using innovative techniques like injectable treatments or non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting, HIFU/Ultherapy & Exilis. Experience the transformative effects of Luxury Aesthetics Centre, to deliver exceptional results, enhancing your natural beauty and restoring your confidence.

Treatments for Double Chin Reduction at Luxury Aesthetics Centre


One of the ways to reduce double chin appearance is the use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. It works by melting the extra... Read More

Dermal Fillers

People can ditch their double chin and get a better jawline with dermal fillers injected beneath the chin. The most commonly used chin filler is hyaluronic... Read More


CoolSculpting is a chilling process that can help crystallise the fat cells and eventually cause them to shrivel away and die. It can work best for fat removal in... Read More

Exilis Ultra 360

Exilis Ultra 360 is an ultimate skin tightening treatment involving combination of powers of radiofrequency and ultrasound technology. It can thermally kill the fat cells of the chin area and firm the skin to reduce double chin appearance.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from specific body areas. It can be used to treat double chin by removing chin fat and... Read More

What causes a double chin?

Both men and women are concerned about double chins. The extra fat creates the illusion of an extra chin, especially when the head is bent downward. A double chin can be unattractive as it affects the shape and beauty of a face. It might lead to concerns about self-esteem and confidence.

Factors that causes a double chin

  • Diet, age, genetics, and posture are all possible causes of a double chin. When an individual consumes more calories than they burn off, fat accumulates in various body parts, including the chin and neck.

  • Skin loses collagen and elastin by ageing, which gives it firmness and structure, contributing to a double chin. A surprising cause could be poor posture, which causes the chin muscles to deteriorate over time, resulting in a double chin.

Advantages of Double Chin Reduction Treatment

There are numerous advantages to double chin reduction treatment. Among these advantages are the following:

  • The treatment gives an individual a more slender and elegant appearance.
  • The therapy improves the look of the chin dramatically.
  • The technique produces a proportionate chin, ensuring a natural aesthetic appearance.
  • It improves overall looks and enhances self-esteem greatly.
Double Chin
Pre-treatment Instructions

The pre-treatment procedure for non-surgical double chin reduction treatment in Delhi at Luxury Aesthetics Centre is simple. The practitioner usually gives patients certain pre-treatment instructions; the best results will be visible if they correctly follow these directions. The following are some general pre-procedure guidelines:

  • Try to prevent excessive sun exposure
  • Before going out in the sun, apply the doctor-recommended sunscreen and avoid sunbathing for at least two weeks before the double chin reduction treatment
  • Use no pharmaceutical or topical product without first seeing your doctor
  • Avoid wearing cosmetics, creams, or lotions during the double chin procedure.
  • Avoid using acid based cosmetics
  • Avoid swimming


Important post-treatment guidance

Once the double chin reduction treatment procedure has been completed, the patient must strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations. These are some general post-procedural guidelines to follow:

  • To relieve pain or itching, apply ice cubes or cold compresses
  • Use sunscreen before sun exposure as per the doctor's recommendation
  • Use a heavy moisturiser as advised by the doctor on the affected area at least twice a day
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for at least 5 to 7 days following the double chin reduction procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the effects of the HIFU treatment last?

HIFU therapy is an excellent skin rejuvenation procedure that produces long-term benefits. For example, if a person adjusts their lifestyle and nutrition after having HIFU therapy to remove the double chin, the results may last for the rest of their life (with maintenance sessions).

Although HIFU treatment produces effects slightly later than other procedures, the results obtained with HIFU double chin sculpting last far longer.

What is the purpose of double chin reduction?

  • Many people get a double chin as a result of being overweight. But weight loss strategies and food control are only sometimes effective in removing it. Weight loss does not help people genetically prone to having a double chin. Non-invasive double-chin removal procedures are a viable option.
  • It is unavoidable for some people to have a double chin when their skin sags with age. In such situations, the skin must be tightened to resolve the issue.
  • Many people feel embarrassed and uneasy when they have a double chin. Double chin reduction procedures can help people gain confidence and increase their self-esteem. After all, there is no reason to deal with such negativity when simple and painless ways help people feel most confident.

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